Leaflet on raptor poisoning

WWF Hungary together with BirdLife Hungary has prepared a leaflet on raptor poisoning cases in Hungary. The leaflet describes the most typical cases, defines the potential offenders, introduces the most commonly used poisoning materials and describes pilot cases which have been settled with court judgement.

In Hungary, the most affected bird species are imperial eagle, white-tailed eagle and common buzzard. The most widely used material is carbamate pesticide, a highly poisonous substance that has already been banned in the territory of the European Union. According to the statistics of BirdLife Hungary, it is possible to identify the main offender groups: hunters (in order to “protect” smaller game), livestock keepers (in order to “protect” farm animals).

In order to increase the detection rate of the different illegal actions against predator birds, BirdLife Hungary has trained poison and carcass detections dogs (PCDD) under the Helicon LIFE and PannonEagle LIFE projects. Since the introduction of the PCDD unit the ratio of detected wildlife crime cases has been increased significantly.

Download the leaflet here.

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