Sniffer dogs join the quest for wolves in the mountains of Hungary

In the North Hungarian Mountains, an estimated 30 to 35 wolves roam the forests of the Bükk National Park Directorate. Monitoring this elusive species is always a challenge, but new help has been found: sniffer dogs.

In this video, the poison and carcass detection dog (PCDD) unit of BirdLife Hungary shows its new skills finding wolf biological traces, such as excrements, blood, urine or hair samples.

This special training has started under the LIFE SWiPE project, with the contribution of WWF Hungary and the Bükk National Park Directorate.

Thanks to the training, the unit could also play a role in the fight against large carnivore poaching, which they already have some experience in: the sniffer dogs were earlier involved in the investigation of the shooting of two wolves.