The use of sniffer dogs in the detection of wildlife crime: Serbian information leaflet

It is often said that “dogs see the world with their noses”. Their ability to detect both small and large amounts of a substance in a relatively short time interval makes them perfect biological detectors and excellent partners in the fight to preserve wild species.

In this leaflet, WWF Adria explores the extraordinary role that dogs play in detecting poisons and protecting wildlife – it covers the basic principles of training and handling sniffer dogs and the key roles they can play working alongside law enforcement agencies.

With this publication, WWF Adria hopes to increase the recognition of sniffer dogs in the fight against wildlife poisoning and wildlife crime detection. By raising public awareness and supporting their training, engagement, and care, the goal is to contribute to the conservation of threatened wildlife and biodiversity as a whole.Psi – Nasi partneri u otkrivanju otrova i zastiti divljih zivotinja