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Demonstrating the efficacy of sniffer dogs in poison and carcass detection

During a field trip to Hungary for a two-day training program in improving wildlife crime detection through the use of sniffer dog units, WWF Adria-Serbia recorded a series of interviews with experts, as well as field exercises with sniffer dogs for the purposes of producing an educational video promoting use of sniffer dogs in wildlife […]

A ten episode podcast on wildlife crime in Serbia and Croatia

Divljina -“Wilderness”, in Serbian- is a 10-episode podcast produced by WWF Adria as part of the LIFE SWiPE project, which sheds light on the issue of wildlife crime in Serbia and Croatia. In the podcast, WWF Adria and the host Dunja Jovanović -a popular Serbian podcaster- talk to experts in the field of ecology and […]

Raising awareness on wildlife crime through audio monodramas

In cooperation with famous Croatian actors and musicians, WWF Adria recorded three audio monodramas that show, in an emotional way, the consequences that poaching, poisoning, smuggling, and illegal trade can have on a single animal. “The unusual tales about a little bear cub, a golden eagle, and a sea cucumber, played by Darko Rundek, Jelena […]

Sniffer dogs join the quest for wolves in the mountains of Hungary

 In the North Hungarian Mountains, an estimated 30 to 35 wolves roam the forests of the Bükk National Park Directorate. Monitoring this elusive species is always a challenge, but new help has been found: sniffer dogs. In this video, the poison and carcass detection dog (PCDD) unit of BirdLife Hungary shows its new skills finding wolf biological […]

Leaflet on raptor poisoning

WWF Hungary together with BirdLife Hungary has prepared a leaflet on raptor poisoning cases in Hungary. The leaflet describes the most typical cases, defines the potential offenders, introduces the most commonly used poisoning materials and describes pilot cases which have been settled with court judgement. In Hungary, the most affected bird species are imperial eagle, […]

Podcast about illegal poisoing in Hungary

The most recent bird poisoning cases in Hungary draw attention to how important is to detect, sanction and prevent these crimes. In the seventh episode of WWF Hungary’s Lételem podcast László Patkó, Large Carnivores Programme Manager of WWF Hungary together with Márton Árvay, Project Manager of BirdLife Hungary, talk about illegal poisoning of raptors and […]

Sniffer dog unit in Hungary, part I

The poison and carcass detection dog (PCDD) unit of BirdLife Hungary has been playing a significant role in the fight against raptor poisoning since 2013. In the past seven years, the unit has carried out more than a thousand field searches, found 585 poisonings related evidence thus helping crime detection. The PCDD unit has a […]

Video de la campaña “Crímenes Salvajes”

Los delitos contra la biodiversidad constituyen la amenaza principal para muchas de las especies del planeta. Como seres humanos, la nuestra es la única capaz de cometer estos terribles crímenes, pero también de perseguirlos y evitarlos. Trabajemos en equipo para detenerlos. #StopWildlifeCrimes Más información sobre la campaña: