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Two hunters arrested in connection with the illegal shooting of M237, the wolf that made a record journey from Switzerland to Hungary

A wolf registered as M237 was shot illegally in April 2023 in Hungary. The GPS-collared wolf was tracked for 1,900 kilometres from Switzerland to Hungary, making it the longest recorded dispersal by a wolf in Europe. After the wolf’s GPS collar sent unusual information, the Hungarian Police launched a search operation and found the collar […]

Awareness raising and capacity building are key factors to fight wildlife crimes: wrapping up LIFE SWiPE in Hungary

Representatives of law enforcement authorities, prosecution services, the judiciary, the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture (responsible for nature conservation in Hungary) and national park directorates met on 30-31 May 2023 in Budapest.  The two-day long workshop and closing event of the LIFE SWiPE project provided an opportunity for practitioners to discuss various aspects of the efforts […]

A swiss wolf was illegaly shot by a hunter in Hungary after a record journey

A wolf named M237, who was two years old, left his pack in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland, and traveled to Hungary through Italy and Austria, crossing the Alps and even swimming across the Danube. This GPS-collared wolf was tracked for 1,900 kilometers, making it the longest recorded journey by a wolf in Europe. During […]

Photojournalism to show the harsh reality of wildlife crime

Britta Jaschinski, award-winner photojournalist and wildlife photographer, presented her work at an event organized in Budapest by the SWiPE project about wildlife trafficking. During the event, held on 15 September 2022 at the Uránia National Film Theatre in Budapest, Hungary, Britta presented her work documenting wildlife crimes for decades. Following her presentation, a roundtable discussion […]