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Two hunters arrested in connection with the illegal shooting of M237, the wolf that made a record journey from Switzerland to Hungary

A wolf registered as M237 was shot illegally in April 2023 in Hungary. The GPS-collared wolf was tracked for 1,900 kilometres from Switzerland to Hungary, making it the longest recorded dispersal by a wolf in Europe. After the wolf’s GPS collar sent unusual information, the Hungarian Police launched a search operation and found the collar […]

Tracking progress in combating wildlife crime in Europe

The SWiPE project, currently in its final stage, brought together representatives of the project partners from 11 countries for a meeting on June 15th and 16th. Held in Sofia, Bulgaria, the meeting was part of a LIFE monitoring mission conducted by the European Climate, Environment and Infrastructure Executive Agency and ELMEN EEIG, with participants attending […]

New report to help tackle financial crime linked to wildlife trafficking in Europe

TRAFFIC and WWF are launching the ‘Wildlife Money Trails’ report to help law enforcement authorities and financial institutions uncover financial crimes related to wildlife and timber trafficking in the EU. The report features 16 case studies amounting to 18 million euros of illicit profits. Wildlife and timber trafficking often involves transnational organised crime networks and […]

Vulture killing hunters caught in Hungary with the help of sniffer dogs

In a successful case against wildlife crime, prosecutors in Hungary brought charges against four hunters who killed a strictly protected cinereous vulture and four common buzzards. The perpetrators were caught thanks to the GPS tracker carried by the vulture, and also to the decisive help of poison and carcass detection canine unit of Birdlife Hungary. […]