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Wildlife crime in Poland

Wildlife crime is one of the leading causes of species extinction around the world. A report published by WWF Poland shows that Polish services are fighting an uphill battle against criminals. Between 2015 and 2020 alone, Polish customs officers seized more than 420,000 specimens of protected plant and animal species, and the police recorded 33,870 violations of […]

Wildlife crime in Ukraine

WWF Ukraine presents the first complex study to describe the overall picture of wildlife offences in Ukraine over the period 2015-2020. The information has been collected from official sources, and publicly available data sets, through public information requests, questionnaires, and communication with law enforcement and conservation experts. The report aims to summarize and compile available […]

Wildlife crimes, devastating for Serbian biodiversity

The Serbian national report on wildlife crime published by WWF Adria-Serbia shows the frequency and harmful consequences of these crimes, but also provides recommendations to reduce them. The National Report on wildlife crimes in the Republic of Serbia, published by WWF, contains an overview of the legislative and institutional framework for the protection of wild […]

Wildlife crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina: national report launched

WWF launched its new national report about most common wildlife crimes, the most affected animals and recommendations for reducing such crimes. Even though environmental crimes were the third most frequently reported criminal offense during the period of 2011–2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the awareness about their seriousness is weak and sentences for committing such crimes […]

Wildlife crime in Croatia: national report launched

A new WWF report shows that wildlife crime in Croatia most often affects birds such as European goldfinch, large carnivores and protected marine species. WWF launched a national report which provides insights into the most common wildlife crimes in Croatia, the animal species that are most affected and recommendations for reducing and discouraging such crimes […]

WWF România publishes its national report on wildlife crime

More than 1200 specimens were affected by this criminal activity, only among protected species. The figure increases significantly when crimes involving unprotected species are taken into account. WWF Romania’s report provides an overview of wildlife crime on a national level, through an assessment of crimes and contraventions, but also of the institutional challenges faced by […]

WWF presents the first large-scale study on wildlife law violations in Bulgaria

Control authorities recorded only 2,818 injured wild animals in five years WWF Bulgaria publishes the first-ever study on the scale of wildlife law violations in Bulgaria, based on official information received from relevant institutions. The results show that endangered species enjoy significantly less protection than the so-called economically important species, i.e. those that can be […]

WWF Italy publishes their national report on wildlife crime: poaching and illegal fishing  

On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, the association inaugurates the awareness week #STOPCRIMINIDINATURA – #STOPWILDLIFECRIME. The key findings of the report include lack of databases, strict rules, and controls, the fundamental role of animal recovery centres, and Lombardy as the first region for reported offences. Italy is a key crossroads for the trafficking of […]