We will develop national reports for each country and a European summary report covering all countries in our scope. You can also find our policy recommendations here. We will present best practices as pilot cases concerning different aspects of tackling wildlife crime in the SWiPE countries.

Pilot cases

We will present pilot cases from Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and Croatia. We will show best practice examples regarding monitoring birds, demonstrating sniffer dogs and training existing dog units to detect wildlife crime, gathering evidence on illegal fishing, using applications for reporting crimes, fostering better inter-agency cooperation, developing a criminalistics education module, and establishing a wildlife crime hub.

Croatia: Scope the establishment of WLC Hub based on principles of the EnviCrimeNet

Analysis of the possibility of establishing a national “network” related to combating wildlife crime in Croatia: read the reports.

Spain: Demonstrating the use of monitoring birds in wildlife crime detection

Poison sentinels, a demonstrative action to fight wildlife crime from the air