We will develop national reports for each country and a European summary report covering all countries in our scope. You can also find our policy recommendations here. We will present best practices as pilot cases concerning different aspects of tackling wildlife crime in the SWiPE countries.

European summary report

We will publish our European summary report in the first half of 2022.

The report will provide an overall picture of wildlife crime at the European scale, focusing on the 11 target countries of the project with an emphasis on Central and South-Eastern European countries, and will make special reference to cross-border aspects. The report will identify the scale and commonality of problems arising along the enforcement chain, gaps in current practices, reasons for successfully investigated cases leading to prosecution and common issues along the enforcement chain leading to failed prosecution. It will profile solutions and best practice approaches from relevant countries.

Until then keep being informed about wildlife crime at the European level, have a look at our Useful links and Database sections.