Other reports and materials

  • Wildlife poisoning in Spain: overview and analysis of legal cases:

Poison in Spain: Evolution of Wildlife Poisoning 1997 – 2017”, a report by WWF Spain and SEO/BirdLife.

Poisoning Convictions in Spain. Analysis of the criminal response to illegal wildlife poisoning since 1992. Article published in the journal Quercus. Read the article here.

Liability for the Environmental Damage Caused in Cases Involving the Fight Against the Use of Poison in Spain. Article published in the journal Actualidad Jurídica Ambiental (AJA). Read the article here.

These materials were translated with funding from the EU LIFE programme, as part of the SWiPE project.

  • Police investigation manual of offences against biodiversity. Developed by the LIFE + Nature Guardians project. Download the report here.