WWF Adria publishes three emotional audio monodramas to warn against the consequences of wildlife crimes

In cooperation with famous Croatian actors and musicians, WWF Adria recorded three monodramas that show, in an emotional way, the consequences that poaching, poisoning, smuggling, and illegal trade can have on a single animal.

“The unusual tales about a little bear cub, a golden eagle, and a sea cucumber, played by Darko Rundek, Jelena Miholjević, and Baby Dooksa, respectively, serve to bring the catastrophic effect humans can have on the natural world closer to the listener. Give them a listen and help us raise awareness about this huge problem”, says Ivona Stanić from WWF Adria, partner of the LIFE SWiPE project. 

The brown bear is often a target of poaching in Croatia because of conflicts with the local communities and trophy hunting. Through these illegal and uncontrolled killings, we aren’t just harming a single bear, but an entire forest ecosystem, because we’re disrupting the natural balance between so many other plant and animal species. 

WWF Adria is conducting this campaign through the LIFE SWiPE project (“Successful wildlife crime prosecution in Europe”). The project aims to discourage, and ultimately reduce the number of wildlife crimes. It has been ongoing for three years and has gathered numerous experts in wildlife crime prevention, detection, and prosecution: from police, rangers, and inspectors, to prosecutors and judges. Through various activities, workshops, increasing cooperation between relevant institutions, and publishing national reports, the goal is to increase the number of investigated, reported, and prosecuted wildlife crimes.

All the audio monodramas can be found here.